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Site design + maintenance by PL+A

Web Site Design, Setup and Maintenance

Establishing a presence (i.e. your own World Wide Web site) on the Internet is a serious business undertaking which you can no longer afford to ignore. Your competitors are, in many cases, already doing it and gaining an edge in the market place. Your customers are fast becoming accustomed to surfing the Web in search of your (and your competitors') products and services. You need to be there too!

Setting up your Web site (or Web pages) is a complex matter which requires particular skills and an on-going commitment to the maintenance of your Web site. But just setting up your Web site is not enough...

The next thing you need is for lots of potential customers to visit your site. And getting those potential customers to your site is somewhat of a "black art."

paul LEEDER +associates can provide those professional skills to design, setup and maintain your Web site. And we have the know-how to get those potential customers to your site.

Two Alternatives

We offer two alternative paths to Web site design, setup and maintenance. So, if...
See below 1. You need a comprehensive, multi-page business Web site. See below for details.
Bus28.com Web Sites 2. You need a more basic, less comprehensive and less expensive business, club or personal Web site. Visit our Web site development partner Bus28.com.
...or contact PL+A for further details.

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Your Web site created by PL+A:

We offer a complete service which is charged in a "packaged" format. We do not charge per graphic image, number of lines of text, icons used or other items. Rather, our charges are based on producing a complete, ready-to-run Web site implementation. We are your "one-stop-shop" so you only have to deal with one party to get your Web site established.

To establish a World Wide Web site a number of steps is involved.

Domain name registration, delegation and hosting

These involve the registration of your unique domain name (e.g. www.YourBusiness.com.au or www.YourBusiness.com, etc.) with the appropriate registration authority, the delegation of that domain name to a host Web server and the allocation of server disk space for your use.

Your unique domain name can be moved from one host Web server to another without any change so visitors to your site will always be able to find you. Whether the host server is in Melbourne or Brisbane, or whether you decide to move it from Adelaide to Darwin, visitors to your site will still use the one, original domain name to find you. (A bit like moving house and retaining your old PO box number and telephone number.)

Design and setup

We include the home page plus two additional pages in the design and setup of your site. The home page is the initial page (or screen) that Web surfers see when they enter your Web site. It will carry your company logo, address/contact information, welcoming message, etc.

You will need to supply a clear, sharp copy of your logo for digitizing (or provide it in digitized form) and your "welcome" message, mission statement or other text in a text file. We will design the site (home page and overall "look and feel" of the Web site), including use of backgrounds, icons and special effects, complementary to your company image.

Search engine submissions

Search engines are the devices that make it possible for Web surfers to find what they are looking for. Keywords are embedded in your Web pages for use by the search engines. So, when someone searches for a keyword that is contained in your Web page, your site will be listed in the search results enabling the enquirer to then visit your site. If the search engine used does not have your site indexed then it will not be found by such a search.

There are many, many search engines on the Web and your site needs to be indexed by several of them. Making submissions to search engines is a time consuming but necessary process.

Design and setup of additional pages

A Web "page" can be very long and far exceed the length of an A4 paper page. A page tends to contain a logical grouping of information and is not limited in size by physical paper constraints. Your Web site might consist of, say, a home page which includes company data and special announcements (e.g. upcoming sales, monthly specials, etc.), a page containing products/services information and a general interest page. There are, of course, many other possibilities.

Hosting & domain name registration renewal

This is for the actual hard disk space reserved for your use on the host Web server computer (all of your information for publication on the World Wide Web is stored here). Renewal of your domain name registration is billed separately, as levied by the Registrar.

Periodic uploading of current data

Any data which change periodically will need to be updated on your Web site and would be supplied by you. We would then format and upload these to the Web site and remove any stale data from the site.

Contact PL+A for further details and a quotation

We will be delighted to assist you in determining your needs and to give a suitable quotation. Pricing will vary depending on the number of pages you require and any additional facilities needed.

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telephone: +61 (0)438 353 133

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