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ValueMan/ASSET - The Asset Register Management Software System
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ValueMan/ASSET Presentation
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ValueMan/ASSET is a productivity enhancement tool developed in Australia for the preparation and management of asset registers. It meets Australian asset register management requirements and integrates the reality of valuations with the needs of financial and tax accounting.

With ValueMan/ASSET you get not only a great software tool but also a commitment from the people behind the product to support the product (and you!) so that you achieve your asset register management goals.


This demonstration presents some of the data entry, reporting and configuration screens and menus used to maintain your asset (or plant) registers.

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ValueMan/ASSET Welcome screen - Click for enlargement

Asset Register

Asset Register screen - Click for enlargement Different asset registers may be established to meet your specific needs in relation to different physical and logical sites.

Multiple locations, cost centres and item types may be created in each different site.

Up to five different value bases can be maintained in parallel to reflect asset values for book, tax, going concern, etc.. These bases may be named according to your preference.

The actual accounting period (year) may be broken down into a series of reporting periods which can then be used to show depreciated asset values for those reporting periods.

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Main Menu - Click for enlargement All ValueMan/ASSET functions are accessed by menu selection from a set of four primary menus and additional menus for some reporting functions.
Reports Menu 1 - Click for enlargement
Reports Menu 2 - Click for enlargement Additional space is reserved for future expansion.
System Utilities Menu - Click for enlargement
Asset Movement Schedules Menu - Click for enlargement
Tax Depreciation Schedules Menu - Click for enlargement
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Cost Centres

Cost Centres File - Click for enlargement Cost Centres can be defined as required and assets assigned to them.

You can readily re-assign assets from one Cost Centre to another.

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Item Types

Item Types File - Click for enlargement Item (or Commodity) Types are defined with several alternate descriptions to enable a simple cross-referencing of terminology.

Item Types, Cost Centres and Locations can all be searched by both Code and Title.

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Locations File - Click for enlargement Totals are accumulated progressively for each Item Type, Cost Centre and Location.

And, of course, totals by Site are accessible on screen as well.

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Asset Catalogue

Asset Catalogue File - Click for enlargement Individual assets are recorded and stored with the appropriate amount of detail for each. If additional category definitions and references are needed, they can be entered. Only as much detail as is required need be entered.

The current status of an asset is displayed on this screen together with its latest values re the current reporting period.

Asset Catalogue File Extended Description - Click for enlargement Additional lines of description (up to fifty) may be entered, as desired, to fully describe items requiring greater detail.

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Asset Status

Asset Status Window - Click for enlargement Live assets are recorded with an original cost, acquisition date, opening depreciation amount, and depreciation type and rate.

When assets are disposed of, the closing value, disposition date and description are permanently recorded.

For auditing purposes a responsible authority must be specified when altering the status of an asset.

To preserve audit trail veracity, every acquisition must be balanced by a disposition transaction. For example, if an acquisition is raised in error, it must be corrected by raising an explanatory disposition. It is not permissible to just re-enter or cancel the incorrectly entered acquisition detail.

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Depreciate/Revalue Screen - Click for enlargement Depreciation is calculated according to the reporting period nominated. For example, if monthly reporting was specified then one twelfth (1/12) of the annual rate would be calculated for each reporting period.

Reports such as Asset Movements and Tax Depreciation schedules can be produced for any range of reporting periods within the accounting year.

Revaluation is also supported should a reappraisal of your assets be warranted.

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Year End Roll Over

Year End Roll Over Screen - Click for enlargement At year end the Roll Over function is activated for the usual "housekeeping" jobs prior to starting the new accounting year.

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Detail Asset Movements by Location Report - Click for enlargement Report screens usually include a choice of formatting and period range options. Some of these may be preset while others should be specifically set for each print run.

Reports are compiled into files on disk before printing so it is possible to edit them for higher quality presentation, if desired.

Sorted Detail Asset Movements by Location Report - Click for enlargement
Detail Edit List by Location Report - Click for enlargement
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Audit Trail

Audit Trail Report - Click for enlargement Audit Trail reporting can be used in "edit list" mode to prove that keypunching has been performed as expected.

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System Configuration 1 screen - Click for enlargement Various software and database parameters are user-definable to enable configuration to your preference.

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This concludes the presentation (a brief overview) of ValueMan/ASSET. Contact paul LEEDER +associates for further assistance and to place your order.



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