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ValueMan/ASSET - The Asset Register Management Software System
version 1.34
Brief overview
System requirements
Software presentation (demo)
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ValueMan/ASSET © 2008-2014 paul LEEDER +associates - All rights reserved.
(© 1989-2008 Obira Pty Ltd)

A productivity enhancement tool developed in Australia for the preparation and management of asset registers. It meets Australian asset register management requirements and integrates the reality of valuations with the needs of financial and tax accounting.

With ValueMan/ASSET you get not only a great software tool but also a commitment from the people behind the product to support the product (and you!) so that you achieve your asset register management goals.

See the software presentation (demo).

Download the demonstration/trial version.

Brief overview:

  • Five valuation bases
    • Up to five parallel valuation bases

  • Unlimited descriptions
    • Virtually unlimited description lengths

  • Variable reporting period
    • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.

  • Report formats
    • "Tax Depreciation Accounting" and "Provision for Depreciation" formats

  • Methods
    • Reducing balance (diminishing value) and straight line

  • Reports
    • Summary/detail by location, item type, cost centre and user-specified sort

  • Functions
    • Transfers, disposals, purchases, capital profit, depreciation expensed

  • Audit trail
    • Full accountability and verification of all data entry

  • Dynamic indexing
    • No re-indexing of database files required

  • Menu driven
    • Easy selection from menus, minimal keystrokes, colour coding...easy!

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ValueMan/ASSET's features include:

  • Room for up to five different valuation bases which can be maintained in parallel.
  • Room for virtually unlimited descriptions - use as much, or as little room as you need to adequately describe assets.
  • Variable reporting period - from one week to one year.
  • Reports presented in either "Tax Depreciation Accounting" or "Provision for Depreciation" formats.
  • Handles both reducing balance (diminishing value) and straight line depreciation methods in any mix from asset to asset and from valuation basis to valuation basis.
  • Asset registers can be easily prepared from valuations created with ValueMan. The valuer can then use ValueMan/ASSET to maintain the client's asset register at a fee, or he can sell on the ValueMan/ASSET software, containing the client's asset register data, for a commission from us.
  • Reports presented in summary or detail form by location, item type or cost centre, or by user-specified sort sequence.
  • All reports are compiled to disc, so they can be edited further for presentation purposes.
  • Can handle transfers in and out, as well as disposals and purchases, with calculation of capital profit and depreciation expensed.
  • Audit trail to ensure accountability for every keystroke (and to verify that keypunching tasks have been performed correctly).
  • Customisation by the authors is readily available - contact PL+A for details.
  • Ongoing product development ensures an up-to-date software system adding value to your investment.
  • Data import/export from/to external systems - new formats added as requested by users.
  • Additional reporting functions are progressively added as users make their needs known.
  • Dynamic indexing of all files (with multiple keys) - no need to set aside time and resources for database re-indexing.
  • Menu driven - just "point and click".
  • Ease of use - minimal keystrokes required for any function and no need to enter unrequired fields before committing to disc.
  • Full screen editing - easily move backwards and forwards, up and down through the screen, just by pressing the arrow keys.
  • Single keystroke commands allow the operator to change screens, save files, select menu options...
  • Colour coding makes it easy to tell which fields are which because they all follow a systematic pattern of colour coding.

See the software presentation (demo).

Download the demonstration/trial version.

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System requirements:

ValueMan/ASSET is a PC-based software system for the management of asset registers which is just as happy on a desktop as it is on a notebook or a network! It runs on IBM-compatible PCs under 16/32-bit Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (note that 64-bit versions of Windows are not supported). A printer is required for report (i.e. depreciation schedule, etc.) printing; e.g. wide-carriage dot matrix, ink-jet.

ValueMan/ASSET is suitable for single-user application on network systems such as Windows Networking, Novell Netware, Lantastic, Little Big Lan and generic networks.

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Demonstration download:

A demonstration/trial version of ValueMan/ASSET is available here for evaluation purposes.

After downloading, run the self-extracting archive program (vmaTrial.exe) to extract the demonstration files to your hard disk (the default folder \vmTrial is recommended).

Once extracted, locate the file "Installation Instructions DEMO.pdf" and read carefully. Follow the installation instructions and the ValueMan/ASSET demonstration/trial software will be ready to run.

An installation password is required and will be forwarded to you by e-mail at your request. We'll need your name, company name, address (including country), telephone number and e-mail address in order to issue a password.

Contact us below for your password.

Download ValueMan/ASSET Demonstration/Trial NOW!

Be sure to follow the instructions given above, otherwise you may not be able to run the demo/trial!

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