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ValueMan - The Asset Valuation Management Software System
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ValueMan Presentation
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ValueMan is the Valuer's tool for the preparation, presentation and maintenance of asset/plant valuations. It significantly reduces labour while greatly increasing productivity and presentation options.

With ValueMan you get not only a great software tool but also a commitment from the people behind the product to support the product (and you!) so that you achieve your asset valuation goals.


This demonstration presents some of the data entry, reporting and configuration screens and menus used to maintain your asset (or plant) valuations.

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ValueMan Welcome screen - Click for enlargement Any valuation prepared with ValueMan may be converted to Asset Register format for use with ValueMan/ASSET (by the Valuer or the Valuer's client) or exported to AuctionMan for the preparation of an auction sale.

Valuation Register

Valuation Register screen - Click for enlargement Up to five independent valuation bases may be entered and maintained, in parallel, for any valuation. Just choose the ones you want to use...ValueMan will ignore the rest.
Valuation Bases Labels Window - Click for enlargement The valuation bases may be re-labeled according to your preference.

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Main Menu - Click for enlargement The main ValueMan functions are accessed from any of four menus which lead to data entry screens, utilities and the reports menus. Numerous report choices are provided (but some are only relevant to ValueMan/ASSET (a companion product - click here for details).
Reports Menu 1 - Click for enlargement
Reports Menu 2 - Click for enlargement The ValueMan software is subject to on-going development which is driven by the end-user. We listen to your suggestions for additional features, functions and reports.
System Utilities Menu - Click for enlargement
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Asset Catalogue

Asset Catalogue File - Click for enlargement The Asset Catalogue File is where the core valuation data are kept. Descriptions, values, identifiers and cross-references are entered and maintained here.

Several alternate "search keys" are provided throughout ValueMan for ease of data retrieval.

Asset Catalogue File Extended Description - Click for enlargement Additional lines of description (up to fifty) may be entered, as desired, to fully describe items requiring greater detail.

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Cost Centres

Cost Centres File - Click for enlargement Cost Centres, Locations and Item Types are all user-defined and dynamic totals maintenance ensures that each total is updated the instant an item is entered.

Dynamic totals are also updated for the entire valuation and are available any time by pressing Alt-F1.

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Locations File - Click for enlargement

Item Types

Item Types File - Click for enlargement The Item Types File provides a powerful, cross-referenced index of definitions to apply to asset/plant items being valued. In addition to standardised groupings of items, alternate definitions enable the Valuer to quickly and accurately apply the right Item Type Code to any asset.

Item Types, Cost Centres and Locations can all be searched by both Code and Title.

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Depreciate/Revalue Screen - Click for enlargement With ValueMan you can revalue (or "devalue") an asset, a group of assets, or the entire database by a percentage value. Depreciation calculations are also possible when using ValueMan/ASSET.

The percentage specified will be applied to assets which are not "excluded" from the calculation.

Values may be adjusted across-the-board and "what-if" analysis carried out, if desired.

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Valuation Reports Menu - Click for enlargement The Valuation Reports Menu provides access to reports intended specifically for valuation presentation.

Report screens allow the user to specify valuation basis, ranges of assets to include, number of copies to print, etc..

Reports are compiled into files on disk before printing so it is possible to edit them for higher quality presentation, if desired.

Detail Valuation by Location Report - Click for enlargement
Detail Valuation by Cost Centre Report - Click for enlargement
Detail Valuation by Item Type Report - Click for enlargement
Sorted Detail Valuation by Item Type Report - Click for enlargement The additional Sort Fields found on the Asset Catalogue screen may be used to good effect where special sorts are required. They can be used for changing the on-screen sequence of asset records as well as for alternate reporting sequences.

Hierarchical sort reporting gives flexibility in the way that valuations are presented.

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Audit Trail

Audit Trail Report - Click for enlargement The Audit Trail report enables a listing of all data entries made to the database for verification and chronological history.

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Walk-Through List - Click for enlargement The physical path taken by the Valuer as he walks through the plant can be very different to the sequence used for printing valuation reports. By using a "walk-through" code the Valuer may print the valuation in the same sequence as the physical path taken.

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Export to AuctionMan

Export to AuctionMan screen - Click for enlargement On those occasions when a valuation is requested with a view to proceeding to auction, it is a simple process to export the valuation data to AuctionMan.

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System Configuration 1 screen - Click for enlargement Various software and database parameters are user-definable to enable configuration to your preference.

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This concludes the presentation (a brief overview) of ValueMan. Contact paul LEEDER +associates for further assistance and to place your order.



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