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AuctionMan - The Auction Management System

AuctionMan/TENDER - The Tender Centre Management System

ValueMan - The Asset Valuation Management System

ValueMan/ASSET - The Asset Register Management System



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About PL+A                    

Computer Consultants and Software Specialists

paul LEEDER +associates is a professional, small-business computer consultancy which was established in 1983 in Victoria, Australia. Business is currently conducted from our headquarters in Candelo, NSW.

Our clientele includes small businesses located in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA and WA. Past clients have included businesses situated in NT, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. All serviced from our past bases in Victoria and the ACT, and currently from our base in NSW.

Our service and support are not limited by state/territory and national boundaries.

To contact PL+A see below.


Our mission is to help our clients achieve their business goals through: * development of industry-specific software systems;

Our emphasis is on excellence so we only supply goods and services which meet our standards for highest quality. We understand that our reputation is built on the standard of service we provide to our customers.

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Code of Ethics

The values and ideals to which we subscribe are those embraced by the Australian Computer Society and which compel us to act with professional responsibility and integrity in our dealings with clients and the community generally. By this we mean:
  1. Priorities
    We will serve the interests of our clients, and the community generally, as matters of no less priority than the interests of ourselves and our colleagues and associates.

  2. Competence
    We will work competently and diligently for our clients.

  3. Honesty
    We will be honest in our representation of skills, knowledge, services and products.

  4. Social Implications
    We will strive to enhance the quality of life of those affected by our work.

  5. Professional Development
    We will enhance our own professional knowledge and skills and those of our colleagues and associates.

  6. Computing Profession
    We will enhance the integrity of the Computing Profession and the respect of its members for each other.


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Commercial Software Development

Commercial software systems are developed in-house and support is provided during extended business hours by telephone, facsimile, e-mail and modem. Out-of-hours support is also provided (by prior arrangement). We aim to ensure that software support is available whenever our clients need it. To learn more, contact PL+A now!

Our commercial software systems:

Go to AuctionMan page - The Auction Management System.

Go to AuctionMan/TENDER page - The Tender Centre System.

Go to ValueMan page - The Asset Valuation System.

Go to ValueMan/ASSET page - The Asset Register System.

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Geographic Location

auctions, valuations, asset registers, auction software, valuation software, asset register software, auctionman, auction man, valueman, value man, valueman/asset, assetman, asset man, web site design, web publishing, www publishing, paul leeder Candelo, NSW, Australia

The Australian offices of paul LEEDER +associates are situated in New South Wales at Candelo on the Far South Coast.

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telephone: +61 (0)438 353 133

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post: PO Box 4104, CANDELO, NSW 2550

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