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AuctionMan - The Auction Management Software System
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AuctionMan Presentation
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AuctionMan is the Professional Auctioneer's tool for the management of all types of multiple-item auction sales (e.g. plant, machinery, jewellery, artworks, etc.). It greatly reduces labour while significantly increasing productivity.

With AuctionMan you get not only a great software tool but also a commitment from the people behind the product to support the product (and you!) so that you achieve your auction management goals.

N.B. This presentation may not include all of the latest features of AuctionMan. Please see the main AuctionMan page for a complete features list.


This presentation shows some of the data entry, reporting and configuration screens and menus used to manage your auction sales data. It is by no means exhaustive so please feel free to contact us with your further questions.

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AuctionMan Welcome screen - Click for enlargement
Welcome screen
AuctionMan is designed for all types of multiple-item auction sales. Everything from antiques, jewellery and fine art to motor vehicles, plant and equipment to clearing sales. They're a breeze using The Auction Managemet System - AuctionMan!

Need something in particular? Your AuctionMan developers are on the job keeping the software right up-to-date, so contact us and make your request known - we thrive on end-user input!

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Auction Register

Auction Register screen - Click for enlargement
Auction Register screen
AuctionMan can handle any number of auctions, lots, vendors, buyers, etc.. You are only limited by the physical storage capacity of your computer/network server.

GST, VAT, buyer premiums? No problem! Instant, dynamically updated totals for sales, vendors, buyers? Done!

No annoying database re-indexing necessary. Enter it once and it's done - recorded, indexed, totals updated - one keystroke, simple!

Commission Rates window - Click for enlargement
Commission Rates window
Fixed and sliding scale commissions are standard as well as the ability to handle the unusual situation with a particular vendor or lot.

Bank Deposits window - Click for enlargement
Bank Deposits window
Record all the vital information for your complete auction accounting picture.

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Main Menu - Click for enlargement
Main Menu
All menus are of the pop-up, point-and-shoot type so they are fast and easy to use.

Just press the key corresponding to the first letter of the menu item you want and AuctionMan will take you straight to that screen. But that's not all; it will even remember the last item (vendor, buyer, lot/item, etc.) accessed and load it for you.

Reports Menu I - Click for enlargement
Reports Menu I
Functions are grouped logically according to the "before", "during" and "after" stages of auction sale processing.
Reports Menu II - Click for enlargement
Reports Menu II
Inaccessible menu items are marked with a diamond symbol. This usually indicates items which are either not relevant or are unavailable to your particular AuctionMan configuration.
Utilities Menu - Click for enlargement
Utilities Menu
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Vendors File - Click for enlargement
Vendors File screen
The Vendors File is where details of your vendors are kept. Record name, address and contact details, tax status, payment method, etc. here. This information may be updated at any time.

Search for vendors by unique code or alphabetically by name.

External Vendors File window - Click for enlargement
External Vendors File window
You can keep "external" files of regular vendors and buyers if you like. That's one way you won't need to retype names and addresses for new sales in which regular buyers and vendors are active.
Miscellaneous Charges window - Click for enlargement
Miscellaneous Charges window
All miscellaneous charges pertaining to vendors can be tracked and reported appropriately (miscellaneous charges may also be apportioned on a lot-by-lot basis). Charge line items may be expanded to include several lines of additional detail if required.

Differing commission rates may be applied to individual vendors if needed. These will override commission rates set at the sale header level.

Item Status window - Click for enlargement
Item Status window
Review on-screen all items held/sold for individual vendors.

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Stock/Catalogue File - Click for enlargement
Stock/Catalogue File screen
AuctionMan allows you to maintain "stock" files for running a rooms type of operation, or simply to run one-off sales.

For one-off sales, lot numbers form the point of reference for items in the sale.

For rooms operations, item numbers allow you to track items from one auction sale to another.

Stock/Catalogue File Extended Description - Click for enlargement
General Description window
Additional lines of description (up to fifty) may be entered, as desired, to fully describe items requiring greater detail.

Search items by unique code, lot number, item number, alphabetically by description and more.

Stock/Catalogue File Motor Vehicle Description - Click for enlargement
Vehicle Description window
Various record types provide for entry of specialised items such as motor vehicles, plant and equipment. These windows pop up instantly at the touch of a key.

Lookup tables (or pick lists) make the process of entering repetitive text a breeze. Just press the F1 key when at the field you need help with.

Stock/Catalogue File - Click for enlargement
Function key assignments
All special functions are listed right on the screen, where you want them to be. Standard function key assignments are always at the foot of the screen and special-task key assignments are included in a box on the screen to which they apply.

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Buyers File - Click for enlargement
Buyers File screen
Record (or register) standard information about your buyers (bidders) here. You may register your buyers any time before, during or after a sale.

Details of buyers registered "on the fly" may be updated from various points within AuctionMan, at your convenience.

External Buyers File window - Click for enlargement
External Buyers File window
You can keep "external" files of regular buyers and vendors if you like. That way you won't need to retype names and addresses for new sales in which regular buyers and vendors are active.

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Sell Lots at Auction

General (pre-lotted) Selling - Click for enlargement
General (pre-lotted) Selling
The selling screens are optimised for minimal keystrokes to minimise the time taken to record each hammer price.

Lots may be split multiple times (or bracketed together).

Impromptu (unlotted) Selling - Click for enlargement
Impromptu (unlotted) Selling
The Impromptu Selling screen enables recording and selling of lots "on the fly". This obviates the need to pre-lot clearing sales.

Just go on-site and start selling!

Sale Progressive Total - Click for enlargement
Sale Progress Total window
The auction progressive total can be displayed on-screen at any time during the course of a sale.

This total is updated every time the knock-down of a lot is recorded; so you can know, instantly, exactly what the bottom line is!

Buyer and vendor progressive totals are also updated dynamically, virtually at fall of hammer!

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Print Invoices

Print Buyer's Invoice screen - Click for enlargement
Print Buyer's Invoice screen
Print buyer invoices on demand, anytime.

You can get the buyer's invoice, display it on-screen (if desired), print it and get back to the selling screen all with just a few keystrokes - fast!

Receipt window - Click for enlargement
Receipt window
Enter receipt information prior to invoice printing, if desired. Or, enter receipt information as a batch after the sale is concluded.
Finalise Invoices screen - Click for enlargement
Finalise Invoices screen
After the buyers have gone home, print any remaining invoices in a batch.

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Print Selling Sheets screen - Click for enlargement
Print Selling Sheets screen
AuctionMan offers a wide range of print options when it comes to printing out its many reports and lists. Many report print options provide presets which mean that, once the desired options are set, you don't need to reset them next time that report is required.
Print Vendor Accounts screen - Click for enlargement
Print Vendor Accounts screen
All AuctionMan reports may be viewed right on screen, in print format, for your perusal prior to printing. This provides a powerful tool allowing you to review report contents without the need to print to hard copy.
Print Catalogue screen - Click for enlargement
Print Catalogue screen
Web Publishing

The Catalogue (and other reports) may be exported in industry-standard formats such as CSV (Comma-Separated Values) and HTML (HyperText Markup Language) for Web publishing and further processing with other software tools.

Vendor Payments screen - Click for enlargement
Vendor Payments screen
Vendor payments may be effected by printing of cheques or, with the assistance of your banking software (see your bank for details), by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

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System Configuration I screen - Click for enlargement
System Configuration I screen
Various software and database parameters are user-definable to enable configuration to your preference. These are "set and forget" parameters which "remember" your preferred AuctionMan settings.
System Configuration II screen - Click for enlargement
System Configuration II screen
Set tax type, GST/VAT rates and methods, create presets for miscellaneous charges and more.
System Configuration III screen - Click for enlargement
System Configuration III screen
Set various global defaults.

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This concludes the presentation (a brief overview) of AuctionMan. Contact paul LEEDER +associates for further assistance or to place your order.


email: paul@leederassociates.biz

telephone: +61 (0)438 353 133

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